We’re excited to welcome guest blogger Chris White, AVP of Marketing for Orasi Software, an HP Platinum Partner and Zift Solutions customer.

Overcoming Familiar Marketing Challenges

Here at Orasi software, we continually face a few challenges that anyone working in channel marketing will likely recognize. The fact is, generating new leads and nurturing leads through to sales are ongoing and familiar hurdles that can stand in the way of channel sales success. With Zift Solutions, we finally found the answers to those nagging questions, “How do we get more leads?” and “How do we nurture those leads to close once they are in our systems?”

Close-up image of a firm handshake between two colleaguesThe Power of Pay-Per-Click

To capture new leads, Zift has helped us capitalize on the power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) online advertising. A recent nine-week PPC campaign supported by tele-qualification added more than $325K to our sales pipeline and achieved a 48:1 return on investment. The campaign allowed us to expand our reach, generate new leads and create more opportunities without overburdening our team.

Multi-Touch Campaigns – With a Little Help from Our Friends

We’re also nurturing leads with a little help from our friends at Zift through Managed Services. We recently launched a multi-touch email campaign series that generated 148 new leads with 112 leads qualified by sales. The multi-touch campaigns provide us with the pre-approved content that we need to promote our solutions and services – and move leads through the sales process faster. Zift’s Managed Services serves as an extension of our marketing team, providing us the resources we need to manage those campaigns.

With Zift Solutions, it’s easy to solve the channel marketing conundrum of generating the leads you need and nurturing them through to close.

Check out these brief yet informative videos featuring Chris to learn more about Orasi Software’s success with Zift Solutions.