Like most channel partners, Macabe Associates knew that they needed to drive prospects and customers to their website in order to demonstrate expertise and capture sales. But staying out in front of prospects was proving difficult for the longstanding Sage partner and the firm was spending too much of their time, effort and money trying to develop engaging, brand-consistent messaging on their own.

Mary Abdian, President and CEO of Macabe Associates, explains: “Sage branding was changing on a regular basis. We had to try to keep our website current but we didn’t always know what message Sage was sending – and we wanted to complement their messaging rather than conflict with it.”

Sound familiar? Of course it does.

With limited resources, it’s tough for today’s channel partners to stay up-to-date with supplier messaging, branding and product updates let alone keep up with the continuous content demands of the modern sales process.

Dynamic Content Syndication: A Powerful Solution to a Common Problem

For Macabe Associates (and thousands of other channel partners), the solution was Dynamic Content Syndication from Zift, which automatically embeds content into channel partner websites and dynamically adjusts content based on a website visitor’s unique interests, online behavior and personal characteristics.

Photo by C.P.Storm

Discover the benefits, best practices and real-world results of Dynamic Content Syndication in Zift’s eBook, Content Syndication: A 360-Degree View of the Channel. You’ll get a clear view of the success that can be achieved with this powerful marketing tactic and see exactly how Macabe Associates was able use Dynamic Content Syndication to:

  • Get in front of customers 4 times more often
  • Lower marketing costs by 25 percent
  • Simplify brand management
  • Easily maintain, update and tailor content to meet the needs of end-users
  • Gain insight and analytics to measure results, demonstrate lead activity and provide metrics to Sage
  • Leverage a continuous flow of current content for social media efforts, blogs, newsletters and email campaigns

“Syndicated content allows us to deliver consistent key product information and easily personalize the message.”

Mary Abdian, President and CEO, Macabe Associates (Sage Software Partner)

Watch this brief video to learn more about Macabe’s content syndication efforts and results – and check out the new eBook here (or below) to dig into the broad value of Dynamic Content Syndication.