Welcome to another round of Zift’s Employee Spotlight series! We’re interviewing Jenine Williams, Digital Content Manager, about the work that she does here at Zift Solutions. We look forward to continuing to share insights into the exciting initiatives our team has going on behind the scenes.

Hey, Jenine! Thank you for stopping by our Employee Spotlight series. To get started, can you tell our readers about what you do here at Zift?

Thanks for taking the time! I’m excited. I create content for both Zift and our clients. I help make sure that everything goes well as far as management coming up with new, different ways to use social media.

Yes! I know I always appreciate the beautiful videos you create for ZiftONE.

Thank you so much. You know, I have fun being creative. I love the fact that Zift allows me to create.

While we’re on that topic, I was wondering if you could share a recent project you’ve worked on and are especially proud of.

Yeah, so right now my manager Ben and I are working on a project that utilizes animated GIFs for social media posts. The goal is to help our clients determine whether GIFs result in a higher click-thru rate for their content. Ultimately, this will help clients make the most of their Service Points so that when we are curating content for them, we can not only guarantee content that works but guarantee content that is actually generating ROI. I’m trying to do my part to research GIFs right now, then moving forward we can create optimal social media processes.

Love it! That fits perfectly with my last question, actually. As you know, ZIft is always focused on giving our customers the best experience possible. Do you have any recent examples of something from your department that has been completed with customers top of mind? It sounds like that GIF project is one great example.

I try to experiment a lot. You never know until you try, right? Recently we chose a handful of customers for a custom curation project over the course of three months. We wanted to see how partners utilized our content, how they customized the messaging, and what worked best in terms of engagement. This informed our approach to creating content for Zift clients. You know, I have my Master’s degree in new media journalism which is all about social media – so this is something I love!