Partner programs have many people involved – and even more stakeholders. Internal teams might include channel account managers (CAMs), regional sales managers, partner marketing managers, and training teams, as well as those in partner enablement and program management. Stakeholders can range from VPs all the way to those in the C-suite of an organization.

Since every partner program and its people have different needs, Zift is introducing a new way to manage all of them. Today we’re increasing our default roles from three to 16. Additionally, we’re giving ZiftONE administrators the ability to customize what each one of these 16 roles can view and have access to.

With this new user management feature, you can decide who from your team has access to partner management. This includes adding and removing partners and partner users, marketing content, training content, deals, and leads, reporting, changing the partner portal, integration, and other features. Combined with the ability to limit to specific segments of your partner program, this feature enables administrators to truly control who can manage their portal and partner program.

If you’re a current ZiftONE customer, you have access to this new feature and can change your user roles now.

Not a customer and want better control over your portal and program? See ZiftONE in action and start a conversation with us.


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