As the host of Channel Chatter LIVE, I’m learning everyone has a favorite podcast. Recent guest Krista Fuller is a big fan of WorkLife with Adam Grant and Unlocking Us with Brené Brown, which aligns beautifully with her personal and professional focus on health and well-being. Some are big fans of true crime stories, tuning into SERIAL and Up & Vanished. My most recent guest turned me on to Supernatural with Ashley Flowers, which is packed with tales of mythical creatures and unexplained phenomena. And this, my friends, was no coincidence.

As Zift’s Chief Technology Officer, Lionel Farr is a powerhouse. He’s been with Zift since the beginning — leading our incredible team of developers and engineers as they designed, built, and continue to improve ZiftONE, the first and only end-to-end channel management platform. This guy is the driving force behind some seriously disruptive channel-focused technology; Technology that keeps winning awards and acknowledgments for innovation and integration. In fact, ZiftONE was just named a Leader (once again) in the 2020 Forrester TCMA WAVE, receiving the top ranking in Strategy and high scores in 11 key categories, many of which fall directly under Lionel’s purview, including Digital Asset Management; Digital Marketing Execution; Security & Compliance; Integration; UI/UX; and Product Innovation Roadmap.

And yet, Lionel Farr, CTO, remains shrouded in mystery. In the days when we worked in corporate vs. home offices, there were occasional sightings of Lionel. Some say the best place to catch him, when he emerged from what we imagined to be a dark technology-packed lair, was a ping pong table in a common area. He was also photographed at some point for one of those Leadership Team web-blurbs. That blurb was likely the only clear source of truth regarding the history and mystery that is Lionel Farr. UNTIL NOW.

We managed to capture and interview Lionel for this week’s episode of Channel Chatter LIVE! Take a listen and hear Zift’s ever-elusive CTO talk about his team’s passion — and why and how Zift stays so far ahead of its competitors, particularly in the areas that matter most to today’s technology decision-makers.