video-marketing-blogpostOnline video has moved front and center into the daily lives of nearly everyone – including channel marketers. A new infographic from HighQ paints an impressive picture of the powerful impact and influence of online video with 2015: The Year of Video. Pulling together statistics from a variety of experts, it shows that:

  • 78 percent of people watch videos online every week
  • 55 percent of people watch videos online every day
  • 50 percent of all mobile traffic is already dedicated to watching online video
  • 60 percent of consumer internet traffic overall is video (4x as much as web browsing and email!)
  • By 2017, 69 percent of online traffic will be video, with the trend continuing in 2018 to 79 percent.

Check out the complete Infographic here.

Providing Video Content to Partners

Clearly, your prospects and clients are watching videos online. If it’s not already, it’s time for video to become a fixture in your channel marketing efforts. Providing video to partners as an asset for use in outreach efforts, particularly as social media and web content, is a great way to extend your reach while engaging both partners and prospects.

Video brings channel marketing to life.  Instead of fixed, static assets, you’re delivering action, visual stimulation and layered messaging.  As such, video is a perfect venue for:

  • Demonstrating solutions and services
  • Delivering face-to-face insights from thought leaders and industry experts
  • Sharing best practices, use cases and success stories

Today, 93 percent of marketers are using video for online marketing, sales and communication, and 96 percent of B2B companies are already planning to feature video in their content marketing over the next year.

Zift counts itself among those companies and video is a key element in our own marketing efforts. With our new Channel Visionaries series, we’re delivering insights and allowing our users, customers and prospects the opportunity to virtually meet leading channel experts. We’re also creating and sharing videos featuring real-life use cases and success stories, which detail how suppliers and partners are solving familiar challenges and capturing impressive results using Zift.

Tell us how you’re using video to enhance channel marketing efforts in the comments section below.