I recently had the opportunity to join hosts Sterling Bailey and Marilyn Cox as a guest on VerticalX – Oracle Marketing Cloud Industry Center of Excellence Podcast. If you’re not familiar with the podcast, modern marketing experts Cox and Baily discuss current marketing technology trends and the issues facing marketers, particularly in the financial services, manufacturing, life sciences and higher education industry verticals.

The Big Question

On this episode, Cox and Baily asked the question: How do you create a channel marketing program that motivates, engages and enables your channel? They point out that:

  • 46 % of channel marketers say their key members do not have adequate access to the program and partner data they need to make informed decisions on a daily basis
  • 80 % of channel partners are largely on their own when it comes to channel marketing
  • Less than 20 % of channel partners consistently visit and use supplier portals, leaving suppliers looking for new ways to increase partner engagement

Listen and Learn

I was excited to join the discussion, which provides an inside look at the complexities of today’s channel marketplace and delivers some targeted and specific suggestions to build and strengthen the connections between suppliers and partners and achieve higher revenue targets. Listen in to learn about:

  • Biggest challenges facing channel marketers today
  • Marketplace shifts and the emerging importance and sophistication of Through Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) and advanced channel marketing technology
  • Forward-thinking channel marketing best practices for vendors and partners
  • Vital importance of seeing and sharing analytics
  • Impact of adding and scaling services like Concierge programs for partners
  • Best ways for OEMs, suppliers and distributors to enable and empower the channel
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