Zift’s latest eBook is Unlocking the 6 Secrets of High Performance Channel Marketing. In this Channel Chatter series, we’re providing a sneak peek into the eBook by unveiling and providing a little insight into each of the six secrets that leading channel programs are using to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Shifting Focus

Net-new leads are far from the Holy Grail. Yet, the bulk of many channel partners’ attention and energy is intensely focused on bumping up the number of net-new leads they acquire. It’s time to refocus their attention. Doing so means employing our High Performance Channel Marketing Secret #4: Provide Campaigns to Existing Base.

retaining-existing-customersNew vs. Old: Silver vs. Gold

The refrain of a classic campfire song comes to mind here: “Make new friends, but keep the old; One is silver and the other gold.” Of course, new customers are great. They are also expensive. Research shows that is it 600-700 percent more costly to acquire a new customer than keep existing customers. Plus, 85 percent of channel sales in technology are made to existing clients.

Cash in on Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities

Cash in on powerful cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and capture more channel revenue overall by nurturing established relationships and directing campaigns toward existing customers. For the best results, segment, score and prioritize current customers by their propensity to buy, then demonstrate the added value of available products and services. Information provided to current customers should take their pre-involvement with the company and level of education into account. Established customers require a deeper level of information and acknowledgement that you appreciate their continued business.

To learn more about nurturing customers and how to achieve better results from channel partners overall, read Zift’s latest eBook: Unlocking the 6 Secrets of High Performance Channel Marketing.

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