Mid-July. We’ve entered what is traditionally known in business as the “slow” season. 

We’re at the beach, in the mountains, or simply kicking back with family. We share pictures on our phones or over IM with our coworkers when we get back. We’re all a little more relaxed in office attire and disposition. Though, much like New York City, the channel never really sleeps. Most people choose this time of year, the dog days of summer, to pack up and leave the serious channel marketing decisions until you’re ready to put your head down and get back to it in late August or early September. Right? 

Not necessarily. 

We’d argue you’ll be able to put your feet up even more easily if you know your heavy channel lifting is done before you get back. The surge of people who choose to put off buying decisions on new pieces of channel technology is well-known — when the school year starts back, so does business. 

You know how to get past procrastination. But how can you beat work worries when you’ve got sand between your toes? Take another sip of your frosty cold drink of choice and let’s get down to business before you’re out of office.


  1. Staying on top of tasks feels good. It’s no secret that keeping ahead of your workload feels good. Being able to leave work for time off knowing a major task is settled is a big relief, especially something as important to your work as a new channel tech provider. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on catching up when you get back, instead of feeling bogged down immediately with a huge decision hanging over your head. 
  2. You’ll have more time to play around with cool, new tech. When you get back into the swing of things, you’ll have plenty of time to get better acquainted with your new piece of channel technology. This also allows your team and extended ChanTech team time to get the nitty-gritty underway quicker, since there’s always that rush of buying decisions right around the start of the school year.
  3. When all goes well, you’ll enjoy your vacation more. You’ve done what you needed to do. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Preferably the kind in a cocktail by the pool.


But just before you turn on your vacation out-of-office email message, let’s talk ChanTech. What are you looking for in your next CMM, PRM, or LMS? Advanced reporting with plenty of filtering options to drill down and enable data-driven navigation? Zift has your back. We love sharing how ZiftONE can help manage your channel program year-round — get in touch if you’d like to know more. 


Have any more thoughts on making big tech decisions before you take off for your summer vacation? Leave a comment on how your decision-making process could benefit (and throw in a detail or two on where you’re headed).