Breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck,
You got a copy on me Pigpen? C’mon.

Ah yeah, ten-four Pigpen, for sure, for sure.
By golly, it’s clean clear to Flagtown. C’mon.

Yeah, that’s a big ten-four there, Pigpen. Yeah, we definitely got the
Front door, good buddy. Mercy sakes alive — looks like we got us a convoy!

–C.W. McCall – Convoy

My husband is a trucker through and through. It’s all he ever wanted to be. He had a Convoy birthday cake when he was five — and it’s still his favorite movie. He got his CDL as soon as he could, drove cross-country for a decade, and started TALL Trucking a few years ago. He’s on the road more than he’s home, with more than 2 million miles behind him and that long white line stretching out in front of him.

Powerful mythology surrounds truckers and the trucking industry in general. Whenever I talk about Tom or TALL Trucking, people lean in. They want to know his CB handle, what kind of rig he drives, what he’s hauling, where he’s going — and even if they can go for a ride.

Rarely does my own world of channel marketing and management crossover with Tom’s trucking universe. So, I was excited to see a great new article in DemandGen Report‘s Industry Insights that did just that.

Classic American truck manufacturer and longtime Zift customer Mack Trucks is tapping into the genuine interest, heritage, and nostalgia that surrounds trucking today in their new RoadLifeTV campaign and Configurator, an interactive experience where prospects and customers can actually build their own truck.

“We link out to the Configurator where [viewers] can go and spec their own truck to start a conversation with a dealer,” said Neil Tolbert, Director of Marketing Communications for Mack Trucks. “That is then passed through Zift to those dealers directly for them to follow up on those leads with us. It’s pretty early in terms of numbers, but we’re getting them about five leads a day. For us, that’s pretty good.”

Read the full story to see how Mack is thinking outside the box and using Zift to deliver authentic stories and interactive experiences to present the company’s offerings in a relatable way that captures customers’ and prospects’ attention — and puts the hammer down for their distributors’ sales. Then, for something fun, let us know in the comments: What would your CB handle be? (P.S. The Rubber Rooster is already taken.)