The internet loves a good list.

I’m as guilty of this as the next person online. A list of baby animals ranked in order of cuteness? A list of tricks you can use to work smarter? A list explaining why you should automate your channel? We’re all suckers for them.

This Channel Visions video, if I do say so myself, is made for capturing the interest of fickle internet users like you and me. Star2Star’s David Portnowitz outlines the three investments channel program managers can make for happier partners. How does he know what needs to be done? Since Star2Star does all of their business through the channel, they’re very aware that satisfied partners create a more harmonious and profitable channel program.

Here’s what you’ll need to invest in for happy partners. Don’t worry — we won’t give the whole video away.

Recruiting partners who want to market your products is obvious but integral. Partners who are excited and concerned with the success of your program will pay off big time.

Giving your partners incentives to get them enthusiastic about selling your products is a great way to promote engagement for your program. Partners get the incentives for certain milestones in your program, and you get great engagement results. Win-win.  

Everyone is more mobile these days. Technology should be agile enough to meet partner needs wherever they are since sales don’t always happen directly in front of the partner’s computer. That’s a pretty compelling reason to add accessibility to your list of must-haves for a partner program.

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