Like most of us, I sometimes struggle with focus.  

I can feel it, even now as I’m writing this post. It’s not that focus is difficult. It just requires constant attention. Focus to lose hours in a book, or to remember my best friend’s birthday, or to leave the ketchup off my younger cousin’s burger because this week he’s decided he hates ketchup. It’s more than that, though. Focus requires focus.  

From a business perspective, focus can provide clarity that ultimately benefits revenue growth and ROI. It’s one ingredient in a mix of key elements that lead to a powerful channel program. Arguably, focus is among the most important elements for channel companies to consider.

That’s something telecommunications leader Star2Star understands. They sell 100% through the channel. Considering most companies do between 20-30% of their business through the channel, Star-to-Star’s commitment to channel sales guarantees a level of laser-focus on partner engagement and satisfaction.

“Our partners are our lifeblood,” says Star2Star CMO David Portnowitz. Supporting the partner is an essential element of their marketing equation. When all of your sales are made through the channel, partner success becomes a top priority.

Approach partners “like a small, digital agency,” according to Portnowitz. Catering to partner needs and providing partners with “whatever they need to go out and complete sales” is a logical extension of this philosophy.

Partner focus is a crucial part of successful channel programs. It takes many different forms, just like focus in our daily lives. In the channel, it means connecting with partners regularly and constantly assessing what they need most from you. It means producing content that’s relevant to partner needs, from whitepapers to complex campaigns, which empower them to sell effectively.

Focus is a concept you should warmly welcome into your channel program. See what else Star2Star has to say on the subject — and let us know what you’re doing to maintain partner focus in the comments section.

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