Sharing the Good Stuff
Sharing the Good Stuff

When it comes to channel marketing, we all want to maximize our results while limiting our expenses. We want to ensure that our channels work with us so that both parties generate as much revenue as possible and benefit from the co-marketing relationship.

But, what is the best way to accomplish these basic goals? There are a lot of stats out there that can give you advice on channel marketing trends, how to leverage social media, how the cloud and other new technologies are changing channel marketing patterns – but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one simple idea: Effective channel marketing is all about sharing.

You and your channel partners need to be open and share with each other as much as possible. Here are some examples that every B2B channel marketer should be open to.

Share Your Ideas Back and Forth With Your Co-Marketer

Hearing what they think might spark your own ideas. Letting them know what’s on your mind might make them think of new ways to innovate and profit from the channel. When you share ideas back and forth, you each get a better understanding of what you want from the relationship – and you’ll come up with new product and service ideas, and new ways to market them. You’ll also find better ways to meet each other’s needs.

Share Your Leads

Your channel partner is not going to try to steal business from you, and you are not going to try to steal business from your channel partner. So, make a point of distributing new leads to your channel partners. By doing so, you’ll both enhance your marketing reach and you may be able to find new revenue streams.

Share Your Marketing Expenses as Much as Possible

Both of you benefit when products or services get sold, so neither one of you should be burdened with the brunt of the marketing costs. Find ways to split up the costs of campaigns with your channel partner, so you both generate more revenue while maintaining a fairly equal ROI.

Share Your Technological Resources

Make it easy for partners to leverage your marketing infrastructure. There is no need for you and your channel partner to double up on technology expenses and resources. You may be able to provide them with access to your technology at no additional cost to your company – while saving them a lot of money – and making sure you remain a preferred vendor. They too may be able to share some of their technology with you, reducing your costs as well, so both of you benefit.

Sharing benefits both parties, strengthens your relationship with your channel partner, and is good business.