While many channel organizations claim that creating and sustaining a rewarding Partner Experience tops their list of priorities, few actually know exactly where to start. The latest eBook from Zift and Oracle uncovers the 5 Key Ingredients of a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience. Catch up with the series intro, grab Ingredients 2 & 3, and get a taste of Key Ingredients #4 and #5 below.

Key Ingredient #4: Shared Analytics

Successful recipes rely on accurate measurement. Sure mom and those famous chefs you see on TV may look like they’re winging it with a pinch of this and a sprig of that. But, if you’ve ever spent any time baking or sautéing, you know full well that a tablespoon vs. a teaspoon of any ingredient makes a big difference. For channel organizations to accurately measure what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments to improve outcomes and ROI, both suppliers and partners need direct access to real-time data and info. That’s why shared analytics are a must-have within any CMM Platform.

Seek out CMM Platforms that offer built-in or tightly integrated analytics. That way, you can push real-time notifications to partners within the systems and tools they’re already using to save time, enhance visibility and empower engagement – without requiring any behavior or process change from partners. Save Partners even more time and effort by ensuring consolidated reporting and audience segmenting capabilities are included in the CMM mix. Doing so makes it easier to strengthen and evaluate the performance of partners, continuously improve campaigns and enhance visibility across the sales pipeline.

Key Ingredient #5: An Open Platform

Tastes and technology change quickly. Today’s increasingly crowded and rapidly evolving marketing technology (MarTech) landscape makes it clear that channel organizations must seek out CMM platforms that are open and flexible. With an open platform, you can:

  • Ensure that your CMM system will work with your partner’s preferred tools and systems today and well into the future
  • Get a clear idea of how to build applications and foster connections with multiple systems via a published Application Program Interface (API)
  • Scale easily to meet future demands and enable the turnkey execution of additional capabilities
  • Maximize return on investment, provide new opportunities and make it cost effective for partners to access leading-edge technology

Serve Up Success

With these five (5) key ingredients, it’s simple to serve up success to channel Partners:

  1. Lead Distribution Management automates delivery of high-quality leads and increases visibility across the sales lifecycle
  2. Syndicated Content & Social Media lifts the content burdens from partners and extends your brand
  3. Centralized Marketing Database & Integration puts the tools Partners need within easy reach
  4. Shared Analytics delivers real-time access to the data and insight required to accurately measure results and make adjustments
  5. An Open Platform lets you plug in new capabilities as technologies evolve

More Insight & Key Ingredients

Get even more insight into all 5 Key Ingredients of a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience by downloading the complete eBook now.

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