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Shared Analytics

Shared Analytics
Make Your Website a Powerful Tool for Partners

Are your channel partners hesitant to send customers to your website? By activating Zift Shared Analytics, your website becomes your channel partners’ greatest resource.

Prospect Data Results

In-Depth Prospect Data Delivers Results

Zift’s patent-pending Shared Analytics solutions allow channel partners to leverage activity on your website to drive sales. Channel partners simply identify and register their prospects in the Zift Cloud Profile Database. When a targeted prospect visits your website, Zift extends your website analytics with the data provided by your partners. Should a targeted prospect visit your site, your channel partners are automatically notified of their activities and can quickly follow up to close deals.

Key Benefits for Channel Partners

With Zift Shared Analytics, channel partners receive:

  • Alerts when their prospects visit YOUR website.
  • Detailed information about which products and/or services interest prospects.
  • Real-time notifications so prospects can be contacted when they are in a buying state of mind.

Key Benefits for Suppliers

Zift Shared Analytics help suppliers:

  • Easily extend website analytics with data provided by channel partners.
  • Streamline communication with channel partners regarding online behavior of prospective customers.
  • Automatically coordinate information sharing between sales teams and marketing departments.
  • Gain access to rich data about who is visiting you and your channel partners’ websites as well as which products and services most interest visitors.
  • Improve advertising efforts and deliver targeted online marketing that benefits both you and your channel partners.

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