One of the biggest pieces of advice we’ve seen offered to channel programs out there is to listen to your partners. Putting your partners first in your priorities can pay off in a big way. We’ve heard from suppliers and thought leaders in channel marketing why that matters. What about partners, though? What do partners want from their channel relationships? We reached out to neteffect technologies’ Beth Wallace to find out more.

Beth emphasizes that being able to customize and send out campaigns quickly is a big plus. Providing technology for partners is great, but technology that lets you effectively leverage partner materials is even better. According to Beth, the tools suppliers provide for her to market their products are invaluable. It’s like the old saying: “Give a man a fish and he’ll have one fish. Teach a man to fish and he’ll have fish forever.” Giving partners the tools to “fish” for themselves can pay off in engagement numbers.

Another critical point for Beth? Being held accountable by channel marketing teams. Knowing that they care about the success of her campaigns helps her stay motivated to execute campaigns for mutual benefit. Suppliers caring about Beth’s success and being willing to take the time to reach out to her and step in if necessary makes a difference.

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