CARY, NC – Dec. 9, 2021 –Zift Solutions, a leading provider of partner relationship management (PRM) software, announced that it has expanded its Amazon Web Services presence to Stockholm, Sweden. This effort will serve the needs of customers interested in housing their data within the EU.

“Zift is uniquely qualified to support European customers with our large UK and EU-based staff,” Gordon Rapkin, CEO of Zift Solutions, said. “We will continue to develop our global reach so that we are meeting the needs of companies in the channel, everywhere.”

The European data center expansion is the latest addition to Zift’s commitment to global support. The ZiftONE platform is translated into 23 languages, with worldwide content distribution (including within mainland China), and a support staff that speaks more than 13 languages.

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About Zift Solutions

Founded in 2006, Zift Solutions has a decade and a half of experience delivering Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Channel Marketing Management. As the global leader in Enterprise Channel Management, the company’s ZiftONE platform integrates channel sales, marketing, enablement, and operations in a single end-to-end channel management solution that oversees the entire funnel from lead to revenue. In 2020, Zift was named the only leader in both Channel Marketing Automation and Partner Relationship Management by Forrester Research. For more information, visit Zift Solutions.