At the recent Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Zift had the distinct pleasure of meeting the infamous Juan Johnny Rico (Rico to his close friends). Not only did he join Zift in the TrainOurTroops booth as we demonstrated ZiftONE, but he also essentially stole the show. During a little downtime, we managed to grab a quick interview with this canine celebrity.

Q: So, what brings you to the Channel Partners Expo?

A: I go everywhere with my partner and handler, so when he said we were headed to the Expo, I was ready to go. Now that I’m here, it seems pretty cool. A lot of people talking about something called “channel” partners and how they need a world-class experience. I’m not 100% sure what that means, but I am all about world-class — and Vegas, of course.  I was born in Arkansas, raised in New England, but today, Vegas is home.


Q: You’ve received a good deal of attention at the show for your sunglasses…

A: Hey, my future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades. But, seriously, I’m not just a superstar, I am an explosives detection canine. I wear these all the time to protect my eyes when I’m training or on a mission. Folks seem to get a real kick out of seeing me wearing them at events and shows, but they are really just my work goggles. We snazz them up for events.


Q: Are you looking for explosives at the Expo?

A: I’m always on the lookout, and I can assure you, the only things exploding here are ideas around channel sales and marketing. I’m actually here to support TrainOurTroops, a non-profit Veterans’ organization. I’m a huge advocate for the work they do. And, I was born on the 4th of July, so patriotism is in my blood.  


Q: Can you tell us more about TrainOurTroops?

A: We work to provide U.S. military veterans, their spouses and dependents with the training and skills they need to secure fulfilling jobs. The fact is, far too many vets and their families find themselves in low-paying jobs that underutilize their potential. Using TrainOurTroops, they can fill skill gaps, level-up professionally, start a brand new career or even start a new business. 


Q: Where can we learn more about TrainOurTroops?

A: Google it. Just kidding. I mean you can, but you can also go to and follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. You’ll see some great shots of me and, of course, some of the veterans and volunteers that keep TrainOurTroops moving forward.


Q: How does TrainOurTroops facilitate the training they provide?

A: First and foremost, direct access to training and certifications is absolutely free to veterans, their spouses and dependents. They just have to register at I don’t know a lot about software, but I do know TrainOurTroops is using the ZiftONE platform behind the scenes. It’s leading-edge tech that makes it easy to provide valuable online training and certification for vets and their dependents on the most relevant business solutions in demand by today’s leading employers. (OK, I sort of stole that last part from Glen Brynteson, who is the Founder of TrainOurTroops. He’s better with words than me. Mostly, because he’s human.)


Q: How many courses are available now?

A: Once they sign up, users can access over 500 courses and certifications designed by TrainOurTroops and its corporate sponsors, including Juniper Networks, eBay and Exxon, and many others. These are leading employers around the globe who are looking to hire vets and their family members to step into more fulfilling and higher-paying civilian careers.

It’s great stuff. Proud to be affiliated with them. But I do need to get back to work now!  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and visit and ZiftONE to learn more!