While many channel organizations claim that creating and sustaining a rewarding Partner Experience tops their list of priorities, few actually know exactly where to start. The latest eBook from Zift and Oracle uncovers the 5 Key Ingredients of a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience. Check out the series intro or start cooking up something special with your partners using key ingredients #2 and #3 below.

Key Ingredient #2: Syndicated Content & Social Media

There’s no ignoring social media in today’s channel marketplace, but serving up social media takes time, talent and resources that many partners just don’t have on hand. Social Media Syndication fills the gap, slashing the time and costs of partners’ social media efforts and extending the reach and impact of your social posts by more than 50 percent.

Look for a Channel Marketing and Management (CMM) Platform that makes it easy for partners to enhance their social media presence with syndicated content and:

  • Make the Message Their Own: Partners should always be able to personalize and customize the way supplier-provided content displays on their websites and social media outlets.
  • Enhance Credibility: With socially relevant, educational content along with high-value assets, such as videos, white papers and other calls-to-action that partners can use to drive leads.
  • See and Share Results: In-depth analytics are a must-have in order to see and share how well joint social media efforts are fostering community interactions and sales.

Key Ingredient #3: Centralized Marketing Database & Integration

Many partners already rely on specific tools and systems, such as CRM, PRM, marketing automation and SFA systems, social media schedulers, email clients and more. The last thing you want to do is disrupt their established processes and routines or add more work to their already busy days. So, adding yet another system to the mix isn’t going to promote partner engagement. In fact, it may undermine it.

Providing partners with a CMM Platform that offers a centralized marketing database and seamless integration with the systems they already use, ideally through Embedded Access Applications (EAAs), is a much a better alternative. Think of it like providing partners with a central, well-organized pantry, fully stocked with all of the very best ingredients. Instead of forcing partners to log in and out of multiple systems or visit your portal, they get direct, immediate access to an array of CMM tools and functionality that can greatly enhance the Partner Experience overall and significantly boost results.

More Insight & Key Ingredients

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