For those that think finding and implementing the right technology will solve all of your channel marketing challenges – think again.

As an Account Manager for Zift Solutions, I know firsthand that a powerful technology platform can do great things, particularly when it comes to automating co-branded marketing, streamlining distribution of leads and marketing assets, enhancing visibility across the sales lifecycle and measuring results.

However, there is more to channel marketing success than technology alone. That’s why Zift pairs its technology with Expert Services and a proven Success Framework to help Suppliers see the bigger picture and get the most out of the Zift platform for their channel partners and their channel marketing program overall.

Start with Strategy

No channel marketing program is going to succeed without a clearly defined strategy. You must determine exactly what you want from your channel partners and what they need from you. Then you can outline how you will both achieve those goals. After working with thousands of the world’s leading channel marketing organizations, Zift has a stronghold on Channel Program Strategy and our Expert Services team works with you directly to help you determine the best methods to meet critical sales objectives and reinforce your brand while maximizing the impact of interactive marketing.

Campaign Coordination Comes Next

Campaign Coordination moves strategy into action. Developing the right campaigns for channel partners and selecting the right marketing techniques and tactics takes insight and expertise. Zift’s Expert Services shine in this capacity, extending your team and providing hands-on support to tackle a host of Campaign Coordination tasks, including:

  • Creating, designing, launching and adjusting co-branded campaigns for use by partners
  • Refining assets and creating re-usable templates
  • Establishing and tweaking workflows and lead routing rules
  • Defining and creating management reports
  • Much more

Drive Adoption

Technology won’t gain a real foothold within your Channel Marketing Program unless Partners make it part of their daily routine. Zift’s Expert Services team takes time to understand the needs and personality of your Partner community, so that when you roll out the Zift platform, it’s accompanied by Partner Adoption Services, complete with training, clear communication and partner events, to generate enthusiasm and engagement from the start.

Empower Your Partners

Even the most enthusiastic of partners may need a little guidance and handholding to make the technology you provide to them really sing. Zift Concierge Services delivers hands-on prescriptive marketing support to your partners to help them get the most from the platform and ensure that everything launched through your partners still complies with your brand standards. This is a great way to empower partners, as Concierge Services does the heavy lifting of campaign creation and execution, then works directly with partners throughout campaigns to ensure proper follow up with prospects to maximize results.

Think Globally

We do. That’s why Zift delivers Global Partner Support. No matter where your Partners live and work, they get the support they need to succeed. In-Language Support is easily accessible and currently available for more than 130 countries using Zift Solutions around the globe.

Measure Success

To see just how new technology is impacting the success of your channel marketing efforts, you must measure results. Zift makes that easy with Account Management and Closed Loop Analytics, which allow you to capture, use and share meaningful data across the channel. It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of campaigns and optimize the impact of your channel marketing dollars.

“Zift Expert Services has helped us get the best results from the platform and our partners. They not only got us started on the right foot, but have also become a powerful extension of our team.”

Cynthia Caramico,
VP Marketing & Inside Sales,

It’s About Teamwork

Technology doesn’t work in a vacuum and, with Zift, neither do Suppliers. Zift fulfills your needs with an array of services engineered to match your desired level of support. Expert Services ensure that everything gets done efficiently, with maximum impact, without adding more to your to-do list. Ongoing meetings help to define objectives and determine the services best suited to your organization and individual needs. We work together to refine plans and action items, so that you’re always getting the most from your technology and investments.

Learn more about Zift’s proven Success Framework, and let us know what you’re pairing with technology in your channel marketing program in the Comments section below.