Zift’s latest eBook is Unlocking the 6 Secrets of High Performance Channel Marketing. In this Channel Chatter series, we’re providing a sneak peek into the eBook by unveiling and providing a little insight into each of the six secrets that leading channel programs are using to achieve unprecedented levels of success. If you missed Part one, click here to read Secret #1: Classify Partners by Potential.

Let’s be Honest

How often do you pick up the phone to call a sales person directly?


The answer is the same for contemporary buyers. They are, for the most part, self-directed and self-empowered as they seek out information about the products and services they desire. They are also a diverse group, with unique interests and methods of searching for and absorbing information. That’s exactly why you can’t use identical tactics for every marketing campaign.

The Needle Has Shifted

In the past, marketing led the way only during the very initial phase of the sales process. Today, experts agree that marketing and sales now must work much more closely together across the sales cycle to educate and capture buyers’ attention.

The best way to get out in front of today’s buyers is by employing a wide array of marketing tactics. Zift’s VP of Marketing, David Buffaloe, recently dissected a Zift deal of our own in How Many Tactics Does it Take to Secure a Deal and a 2014 MarketingProfs Survey of over 1,200 B2B companies found that:

  • 15+ tactics is the standard for best-in-class organizations
  • 13 tactics deliver just average results
  • 10 or less tactics are least effective

Mix it Up

The message is clear: Mix up your marketing tactics to garner the best results. By creating and deploying campaigns that utilize a variety of digital marketing techniques, you have the best shot at winning and keeping the interest and business of contemporary buyers.

To learn more about the vital importance of multi-tactic marketing and uncover all six channel marketing success secrets, read Zift’s latest eBook: Unlocking the 6 Secrets of High Performance Channel Marketing.

Unlocking The 6 Secrets eBook