Integrated Marketing Performance Winners
Winners Who Know How To Combine The Right Stuff

Earlier today Gartner and 1to1 gave out their CRM excellence awards. For integrated marketing performance the two winners were Eaton and Autodesk. Gartner/1to1 felt that these companies did the best job at combining multiple marketing tactics to deliver exception results.

In Eaton’s case, their campaign, “Things Have Changed” combined tactics including print, banner advertising, email, direct mail, social media, desk toys, sweepstakes, and a specialized website  With this integrated approach, Eaton identified $2M worth of new opportunities and added 12,000 leads.

Autodesk’s marketing innovation was around adding a gamification aspect to their trial software. Players earned badges and points as they moved through the trial, these accomplishments were shared across social media sites (earning additional points), and a leader board was set up so players could see how they stacked up against their peers. Emails were sent to encourage players to continually make progress. End result: Autodesk had over 600 trial users play the game (a 10% increase) and, with those trials, usage was up over 50%.

Congratulations to both companies!

And, if you can indulge me in one self promoting observation, their recognition as marketing leaders is especially gratifying knowing that both companies have chosen to work with Zift Solutions in bringing their marketing expertise out though their channel communities.