SiriusDecisions LogoThink you’re doing a great job providing channel partners with the marketing assets and tools they require to create effective co-branded campaigns?

According to B-to-B marketing and sales experts SiriusDecisions, you may not be doing enough. That’s why we wanted to share their Prescriptive Marketing Research Brief, so that you can learn best practices and grow your business.

Download “Prescriptive Marketing: Supporting Partner-Driven Demand” to read the Research Brief in its entirety. (This research brief also includes a great Prescriptive Marketing Checklist you won’t want to miss.)

To ensure partner marketing success, SiriusDecisions recommends delivering marketing programs that require the least possible effort and expertise along with concierge-like assistance in the following areas:

1) Communication

The most important role a supplier can play is as a marketing advisor, which requires ongoing communication with channel partners.

2) Tactic Selection

Help partners choose the right demand tactics that address target market segments.

3) Deliverables

Offer to guide the partner through assembling a contact list with clear guidelines on how it will be used.

4) Timeline

Set a timeline including dates for specific tactics, due dates and debrief calls.

5)  Implementation

Stay in touch with partners throughout the implementation process.

6) Measurement

Suppliers should only fund channel programs that they can measure.


[Click Here to Download the Reseach Brief]


Are there any other areas or tips you would add to this list? We would love to know.