Today we would like to welcome Mary Abdian as our guest blogger. Mary is the CEO of Macabe Associates, a professional software consulting and development firm located in Seattle, Washington. They have been a Sage partner for the past 28 years and implemented Zift Solutions three years ago.

The Challenge

Like many channel partners, Macabe Associates has limited marketing resources. We have always had a hard time staying in front of our customers and getting them to contact us when they have questions or interest in Sage software applications.  While we tried multiple tactics to attract prospects and drive customers to our website, we were unable to generate the traffic and engagement we desired.

Complementing vs. Competing with Sage

One of our biggest problems was staying up to date with Sage’s dynamic messaging, branding and product changes.  We had limited visibility into the marketing programs Sage was conducting.  This often resulted in the delivery of inconsistent messaging to customers, which conflicted with our goal of complementing – rather than competing with – Sage marketing.  Plus, we were wasting time, effort and money developing our own webinars, blog content, newsletters and email campaigns with no easy way to demonstrate activity or provide metrics to Sage.

The Solution

With Zift Solutions, we’re able to better leverage the Sage brand to drive growth and attract and nurture customers.  Zift has allowed us to save 25% on marketing and Macabe is now out in front of customers four times more often using Zift Solutions.

Our Four Main Successes

Our four main successes demonstrate why it’s essential for channel marketers to find the right solutions to effectively leverage their supplier’s brand. 

  1. Marketing Automation is saving us 25% in time and marketing costs while co-marketing of Sage and Macabe webinars from our website dramatically increases visibility.
  2. Syndicated Content allows us to deliver consistent key product information and easily. personalize the message to demonstrate Macabe’s value and better meet customer expectations.
  3. Newsletters are simple to develop and provide detailed metrics.
  4. Targeted Email Campaigns keep key messages in front or our clients and ultimately generate more leads.

To hear about Macabe’s results – listen to our interview with Mary below: