As so many of today’s businesses rely on channel partners to drive product sales, the value of strong partnerships is more critical than ever. It’s hard to do right though – and even successful channel partnerships are often undermined by misaligned sales objectives, poor communication and bad execution.

Learning Where Others Have Failed

Channel partners can extend sales reach far beyond what suppliers are capable of on their own – what I call the force multiplier effect. However, when channel partners fail to capture and capitalize on opportunities in their own target audiences, the result is frustrated suppliers, apathetic partners and missed revenue performance.  The good news is that, with the right focus and use of marketing automation, you can avoid this fate and make the conversation all about the revenue.

Optimize Partner Sales

In this brief, informative video, Scott England shares three simple steps to optimize partner sales, strengthen relationships and capture more channel revenue.   Watch the video now to learn how you can align channel partners with sales objectives, track efforts and measure results.



Scott England has been the Vice President of Business Development at Zift Solutions since 2007. He has helped Zift expand into new vertical markets while deepening focus within its core customer base.