As we’ve all seen, COVID-19 has drastically changed the landscape of the channel. Prior to COVID, one of the largest tactics that channel programs relied on were in-person events. 

Sales calls, events, lunch and learns, and other related outings were a requirement for channel partners building business for both themselves and their suppliers. 

With the current shift from physical to digital, suppliers and partners alike are having to find new strategies that meet the same needs.

Virtual Events: The New Relationship Avenue

A digital transformation has been unfolding for quite some time. This isn’t new to anyone in the channel. What is new is the development of tools to support channel programs at this time. Vendors are listening to the needs of partners and coming up with solutions for digital marketers.

One such solution? Zift’s Virtual Event Campaigns capability. ZiftONE users now have the ability to fully integrate the webinar experience and drive the top of the funnel in a more data-backed approach than ever before. 

We’ve previously equated the current digital transformation with the re-skilling of channel marketers to become digital warriors. Virtual Events takes the channel back to the proverbial boot camp and creates a platform for leveling up your marketing approach.

With Virtual Event Campaigns, channel marketers can now:

  • Get back to square one on your approach to webinars. Instead of a complicated and tedious event promotion process, Virtual Events enables you to promote your very own thought-leadership webinars (and roadshow series) all in one platform.
  • Put power into your partners’ hands. Suppliers can let their partners host lunch-and-learns and other events through ZiftONE.
  • Track which partners are actively promoting events and who is driving registrations.
  • Empower partners to connect webinar registration with other lead tracking to get a holistic view of which customers and prospects are engaged.

The days of being a one-trick marketer are over. Following the digital transformation, everyone in the channel must now locate and use tools that help us embrace all things “virtual.” The new Virtual Event Campaigns capability is just one new tool to add to the marketing toolbelt. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Virtual Event Campaigns can serve your channel program’s needs, be sure to contact us at this link.