Join us in welcoming guest blogger, Brent Clouse, VP of Marketing for ResultsPositive, a business technology solutions, software and consulting organization focused on improving business execution for their clients. An award-winning HP Platinum Partner, ResultsPositive has been using Zift Solutions since 2013.

Facing Familiar Challenges

While ResultsPositive is focused on creating a difference for customers to help them meet all of their business goals, we were facing a few challenges that are likely familiar to many channel sales and marketing organizations:

  • An inefficient lead management process was slowing us down and undermining collaboration with our primary vendor, HP.
  • Our inside sales team was spending too much time going to different portals trying to track down leads and capture the information required to turn leads into actual sales opportunities.
  • In-house content creation was overwhelming. While we dedicated hours to creating content, by the time we were done with a campaign, our content was often outdated and we were forced to recreate content and campaigns to match the needs of the current market.

A Powerful Solution

We began using Zift Solutions in 2013 and it has proven itself to be a powerful solution for ResultsPositive. Leads are now generated and distributed directly into our CRM,, so inside sales reps don’t have to hunt for leads or manually enter lead data. Actionable activity information accompanies each and every lead, which improves follow-up and lead nurturing. We’ve eliminated content development demands with Zift’s Content Syndication solution, which provides us with pre-built HP-specific content we can use across our website and in marketing campaigns. And, we’re using Zift as a centralized hub for all lead activity, which enhances visibility and empowers collaboration with HP.

Dramatic Results

Within the first 6 months of using Zift, we’ve seen dramatic results, including:

  • Over 2,100 leads distributed directly into our CRM system
  • A burgeoning sales pipeline – with over $1M in our current pipeline
  • Significant reduction in lead distribution time
  • Actionable background information that turns leads into sales opportunities
  • Enhanced visibility and collaboration with HP

Check out our video interview with Brent to learn more about ResultsPositive’s success with Zift Solutions: