Today’s B2B channel program managers have access to more advanced resources, technology and data than ever before. They are also being tasked with measuring and reporting on the multiple facets of their programs along with overall ROI of partner program investments. The pressure is on to accurately determine which partners are performing and which investments are paying off. But with so much available data, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which metrics are most important and just how to get an accurate view of a program’s overall effectiveness.

Thankfully, the global B2B analysts at SiriusDecisions have stepped up to chart a clear path for channel leaders to monitor, measure and manage the success of their programs. And Zift is pleased to provide Channel Chatter readers with access to their recent research brief, Channel Data: Tracking Partner Program Performance.

I encourage you to read the full brief, which identifies the 6 channel programs areas that contain critical data needed to determine program performance. The brief also calls out interrelationships between key metrics across those areas, which can provide a unique and holistic perspective on program capabilities and performance overall.

Click here to grab your free copy of the SiriusDecisions research brief today!