Welcome to the digital age, where pixels weave our stories and screens serve as our windows to the world. But amidst the wonders of virtual realms, there’s something extraordinary about channel partners and their vendors meeting eye-to-eye, sharing a genuine laugh, and shaking hands with peers and suppliers. In-person events and trainings hold a definite value prop, especially in this post-Covid, Zoom-fatigued age. The ROI of in-person get-togethers can be significant. Here’s why.

1. Building Bonds, One Handshake at a Time

In a world where emojis reign supreme, nothing can compare to the authenticity of a heartfelt, personal connection. In-person meetings hold a remarkable advantage, being 34 times more effective in nurturing strong relationships compared to virtual interactions. Imagine partners coming together over coffee, sharing stories, and building unshakable trust – this is the essence of successful collaboration. And when they think back on a connection they’ve made at your event, they’ll remember that you’re the one who facilitated it. Establish a feedback loop so you stay in communication with the partners with whom you connected and formed relationships with.

2. Kudos for Collaboration

While virtual interactions hold their merit, the true magic unfurls as channel partners and suppliers  convene at in-person events, fostering dynamic brainstorming sessions and idea exchanges. The synergy of minds in a shared space kindles a unique creative energy, which is largely unattainable remotely. Studies reveal that in-person teams exhibit a remarkable 15% increase in brainstorming and novel idea generation compared to virtual counterparts. Face-to-face gatherings not only enhance collaboration but also nurture an atmosphere where ideas can seamlessly bounce and intertwine, sparking innovation. The magnetic pull of co-located brainstorming propels partner engagements to new heights, underlining the irreplaceable value of physical presence in igniting the flames of imagination and collaboration. Make sure you make a record of these engagements and new ideas so you can circle back with the partners who helped you brainstorm them.

3. Fast-Track to Super Skills

When it comes to skills development, the true accelerators are in-person training sessions. The majority of learners attest to the superior effectiveness of in-person training over remote alternatives when it comes to acquiring new skills. The rapid advancement of such skills translates into channel partners swiftly mastering your products, services, and sales strategies, setting new benchmarks for proficiency. In-person training acts as a turbocharger for skill growth, ensuring partners achieve mastery in a shorter span of time. The direct interaction, hands-on experience, and immediate feedback inherent in face-to-face training sessions create an immersive learning environment that maximizes the absorption of knowledge and expertise. Use a platform with an integrated LMS to allow partners to access training materials, courses, and resources before and after an event for reference. 

4. Dive Deep into Engagement 

Imagine the scene: a vibrant room, partners leaning in eagerly, “a-ha” moments illuminating like camera flashes. Again, here, the magic of in-person events is unparalleled. It’s not just about information; it’s about partners becoming fully engrossed in your offerings and strategies. Engagement and retention levels soar when partners attend events in person. The genuine connections formed, the real-time discussions, and the shared experiences create a tapestry of understanding that sticks. These events aren’t just meetings; they’re transformative experiences where partners don’t just learn, but absorb, discuss, and embody your vision. A digital platform with event management capabilities allows vendors to plan, execute, and analyze in-person events. It tracks attendance, engagement levels, and measures the impact of face-to-face interactions on partner commitment. This data helps vendors understand the effectiveness of their events and refine engagement strategies. Investing in the power of in-person events pays dividends in terms of partner commitment and lasting impact.

5. Partnering with a Dash of Secret Sauce

At training and events, it’s not just about sharing information – it’s about handing over secret spells, hidden maps, and treasure keys that unlock mutual success and revenue growth. Think of exclusive in-person training as your partner’s coveted secret weapon. The impact goes beyond the registration numbers – it’s about partners experiencing the camaraderie, the live discussions, and the shared light-bulb moments that forge lasting connections. You can share these tips and tricks with partners in your PRM’s resource center so they have hands-on access to the tools they need to drive sales and pipeline. In-person events become the sacred ground where your partners harness these secret tools for unparalleled growth. By investing in these face-to-face opportunities, you’re not only imparting wisdom but also arming your partners with the potent enchantments needed to conquer the realms of success.

6. Hugs for Brand Loyalty

In the dynamic world of the channel, partners transcend mere customers; they’re all but family in this relationship-driven landscape. In-person events are the cornerstone here, instilling in them a sense of being valued and deeply connected to your brand. Over three-quarters of buyers, and a remarkable eight out of 10 millennials, amplify their trust in brands after experiencing face-to-face interactions at live events. Imagine the blaze of loyalty that ignites when partners encounter your magic in person. As partners immerse themselves in what you offer up close, they don’t just see a company – they behold a trusted ally. PRM platforms often incorporate loyalty program management features. Vendors can use these tools to design and implement partner loyalty programs that reward engagement and attendance at in-person events. By offering rewards and incentives, vendors strengthen the sense of partnership and belonging. In-person events cultivate not only partnerships but also enduring relationships, reflecting the potent influence of real connections in forging lasting devotion.

7. Meeting Leads to Greeting Leads

We spoke earlier about “family,” and we weren’t exaggerating. In-person events amplify this sense of value and connection, fostering genuine investment in your brand. Visualize the surge of loyalty ignited when partners witness your magic firsthand. There is a profound impact of these personal interactions on trust and allegiance. As partners experience your brand up close, they don’t just see a company, but a trusted ally. In-person events knit together the fabric of our brand-family bonds, forging enduring relationships that extend beyond transactions – a testament to the potent influence of face-to-face encounters in nurturing lasting loyalty.

The Takeaway

Amidst the digital tapestry of screen stories and avatar interactions, we’re rediscovering true relationships – the magic of human connection. In-person events and trainings transform into living fairy tale stories about brand loyalty – threading bonds, igniting ideas, honing skills, and propelling partnerships to new heights. In this era of screens and virtual worlds, let’s prioritize the power of genuine interactions and cultivate a realm where every encounter becomes an opportunity to infuse partnerships with the spark of shared experiences and boundless possibilities.

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