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Of course today’s channel partners know that they need engaging web content to target modern buyers. But actually keeping up with the constant demand for web content that connects with prospects, supports supplier branding and demonstrates their own expertise is another story entirely.

Rarely do busy channel partners have the time or resources to develop and maintain fresh website content that works. They also typically have very little insight into whether their content is connecting with site visitors or the analytics to measure what’s working – and what’s missing the mark.

Content Syndication powers partner perspectives by embedding syndicated supplier content directly into channel partner websites. Dynamic Content Syndication works best, boosting conversion rates by up to 50% as it automatically adjusts to the interests, online behavior and personal characteristics of website visitors. With time already a significant factor, integration is also essential for success. Partners shouldn’t have to seek out approved content or log into separate systems to access, download and make the content they need work within their websites.

Empower Partner Success

The latest eBook from Zift, Content Syndication: A 360-Degree View of the Channel, demonstrates the value of Dynamic Content Syndication across the channel and illustrates exactly how channel partners can use it to:

  • Target modern buyers and increase conversion rates with embedded website content that adjusts automatically based on the site visitor’s industry, behavior, interests and more
  • Capture deeper prospecting data and stay on top of supplier messaging and offers
  • Easily personalize and customize content displays to highlight their unique value proposition
  • Measure activity, respond to behavior of site visitors and modify marketing efforts to ensure the best possible ROI
  • Generate more leads and drive sales by leveraging syndicated content for email, social media and pay-per-click campaigns

Read the eBook to find out how Content Syndication empowers partner success while strengthening supplier sight lines. You’ll get expert insight, best practices and real-world results from channel partners benefiting from Zift’s Dynamic Content Syndication solution today.

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