Trust.  The cornerstone of any good relationship. And as we found in a recent study conducted with the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), the manufacturer and channel partner relationship is no exception.  As channel partners often work with suppliers and product lines, manufacturers can sometimes feel “sticky” when it comes to lead distribution – especially when their competitors are also in that partner’s ecosystem. This is why trust in any channel relationship starts with a healthy dose of transparency.

The right platform is essential to providing the transparency both suppliers and channel partners need. Technology goes a long way by providing clear visibility and reporting into what specific source campaign generated a lead, and its journey throughout the lead lifecycle. But it takes more than tech. It requires thoughtful process and good communication skills to achieve happily ever after.

In this episode of our special manufacturing-focused video series, Zift’s Chief Strategy Officer Laz Gonzalez shares more on the love/hate relationships going on, and ways to help maintain the transparency needed for healthy partnerships and ultimately more revenue.

For more insight, download the full report from Zift and MAPI, “Manufacturers Collaborating with Channel Partners to Drive Faster Growth.”