The channel and manufacturer dynamic is in upheaval. Recent research from Zift and MAPI reveals a serious state of disconnect between manufacturers and their channel partners.

While 69% of manufacturers believe collaboration with channel partners is more important than ever – only 5% are effectively engaging their partners. Moreover, nearly 80% of manufacturers are feeling the pressure to be more data driven. Yet, only 26% have they data they need to measure ROI.

Why is this happening? Explore the powerful research and reasons behind ‘Manufacturers & Channel Partners: A State of Disconnect in this informative new infographic. You’ll see just how many manufacturers rely on antiquated methods for distributing much-needed marketing materials and support to their partners – and get a peek into the dramatic impact digital portals can make in improving partner alignment.

Learn what can be done to repair the schism between manufacturers and their channel partners in the infographic below. Then, get the full research report here to drive faster growth with better channel partner collaboration.

Manufacturers and Channel Partners - A State of Disconnect