Channel sales leaders face a unique set of challenges on a daily basis.  Managing multiple channel partners with different needs and marketing know-how can be complex.  On top of that, throw in varying sales cycles and you add to more channel conflict. How do you keep up?  How do you get ahead?  Consider incorporating these three points in your mantra toward meeting, and exceeding, your channel revenue goals.

Keep the Best Ambassadors of Your Brand

If you’re a regular Channel Chatter reader, you’ve heard us say that you should treat your channel partners as if they were leads.  If you don’t properly nurture these critical relationships, partner happiness could suffer leading to low adoption in your marketing programs. Respected and engaged channel partners can be one of your biggest assets when it comes to driving more business.  Keep the best working for you and your channel programs and revenue numbers are sure to be rewarded.

Be Picky (It’s Ok)

Some channel sales managers search for as many channel opportunities as they can find to bring in the most revenue.  However, as is the case most of the time, quantity over quality is not the answer.  You have a right to be “picky” when evaluating new channel partners.  You are allowed to be particular when it comes to channel performance.  Being selective will allow you to focus on better channel partners that will do more for your business instead of requiring you to manage multiple partners that underperform.

Fuel Channel Motivation

There are times when you may notice that a normally high performing channel partner starts to decline. While this can be attributed to many different things, there are some steps you can take on your end to reverse it and prevent it in the future. Motivation is key. The relationship must be mutually profitable to both your company as well as the partner in order for it to work. Focus on this motivation and continue to monitor whether or not it is a good business relationship. Reward channels that do excellent work. Bring them into more conversations around your objectives and goals. Building their commitment to your company can further the relationship and pay huge dividends.

What’s your mantra? Share in the comments below.