Zift’s latest eBook is Unlocking the 6 Secrets of High Performance Channel Marketing. In this Channel Chatter series, we’re providing a sneak peek into the eBook by unveiling a little insight into each of the six secrets that leading channel programs are using to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Wall Street Journal: “Big Pizza Chains Use Web Ordering To Slice Out Bigger Market Share.” February 2014.

A Bigger Piece of the Pie

Dominos, Pizza Hut and other national pizza chains are taking significant market share from local and independent pizza shops by using mobile online ordering applications. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for customers to connect with them and order online. Following their lead, channel organizations can grab a bigger slice of the channel revenue pie by employing our High Performance Channel Marketing Secret #6: Work where your partners work.

The Future Calls for a New Approach; and The Future is Now

We’ve discussed the False Promises of Partner Portals here in Channel Chatter, which underscore the need for a new approach. Instead of pouring more money into portals (70 percent of which are predicted to fail and less than a third of end-users actually use), it’s time for channel organizations to consider Embedded Access Applications (EAAs).

EAAs let you deliver content, digital marketing tools and marketing automation capabilities direct within the CRM, SFA and marketing automation systems partners already using every day, which:

  • Simplifies Channel Marketing: Everything partners need to manage and run multi-tactic campaigns is available within their familiar environment.
  • Saves Time & Reduces Costs: Leverage established infrastructure and eliminate the need for partners to leave their current systems to utilize your leads and marketing efforts.
  • Strengthens Sight Lines: Suppliers and partners can easily see and track marketing, prospecting and lead nurturing activities across the entire sales cycle, without adding extra steps for reporting.
  • Drives Opportunities and Lead Follow-up: Provide leads, deep prospecting data and the details partners need to kick off the sales process and nurture leads within their established systems.

Achieving Results that Elude Others

EAAs are just one piece of the channel marketing puzzle. To finally eliminate those familiar channel marketing challenges that seem so hard to shake and achieve unprecedented results, be sure to employ each of the six secrets we’ve uncovered in this series:

Dig deeper into the details of each secret by reading Zift’s latest eBook: Unlocking the 6 Secrets of High Performance Channel Marketing.

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