Zift’s latest eBook is Unlocking the 6 Secrets of High Performance Channel Marketing. In this Channel Chatter series, we’re providing a sneak peek into the eBook by unveiling and providing a little insight into each of the six secrets that leading channel programs are using to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Maintain Forward Momentum

The marketing landscape has become so cluttered and complex that many channel partners are stuck. Utterly overwhelmed, they are either stunned into inaction or rely on over-utilized tactics such as single-touch emails, cold calling and direct mail. Help them maintain forward momentum by employing our High Performance Channel Marketing Secret #3: Evangelize modern marketing.

Rebalance the Marketing Mix

By providing and promoting marketing programs to partners that employ a mix of modern tactics and a multi-touch approach, your partners are better positioned to build a bigger pipeline and generate net new leads. There’s a whole new world of digital marketing tools to engage prospects, nurture customers and create an end-to-end sales narrative. But to keep them from becoming overwhelmed by options, you may need to show partners exactly how to rebalance their familiar mix. The good news is that empowering partners to utilize more modern tactics like social media, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising does not require too much effort or even cost.

No Experts Required

Channel partners don’t need to be transformed into modern marketing experts to boost results. You just need to break them out of old routines. That means being more prescriptive in your approach and providing automated tools like Social Media Syndication to make it easy to broaden their skillset and expand their market reach.

To learn how you can achieve better results and make it easier for partners to engage customers using modern digital marketing tactics, read Zift’s latest eBook: Unlocking the 6 Secrets of High Performance Channel Marketing.

Unlocking The 6 Secrets eBook