Are you finding it tougher than ever to transform prospects into customers?

That’s because today, it takes from 7 to as many as 25 touches to convert a cold lead into a sale and 5 to 20 people will likely be involved in the buying decision. That means that you need to engage 5 to 20 people – and remember everyone consumes content differently. Add the fact that consumers are interacting across five or more channels every day, it’s clear that multi-channel marketing tactics are a must.

As discussed in a previous post, there is a method to the madness of multi-channel marketing.

  1. Start with a clear goal.
  2. Support your end goal with solid strategy.
  3. Drive results with the right tactical mix.

What tactics work?

According to a recent survey of LinkedIn’s B2B Technology Marketing Community, customer testimonials, case studies, in-person events, online articles and videos top the list of the most effective B2B marketing tactics. Podcasts, printed books and games are considered the least effective.

It’s important to have a mix of tactics all working together to support your strategy and your goals. Keep in mind that, according to Forrester, today’s buyer might be from 66% to 90% through their journey before they reach out…buyers now put off talking to a sales person until they are ready for a quote. This means marketing is now more involved throughout the purchasing process. Choose your tactics wisely.

Do you agree with some of those tactics? What have been your experiences? Let us know in the comments section below.