To deliver the greatest value to channel partners and support their continued success, suppliers must optimize campaigns. Optimization is a fluid process that entails ongoing reevaluation of marketing goals to ensure that they are aligned with new technologies, changing digital strategies, shifting buying behaviors and evolving sales processes.

Analytics are also essential in determining which efforts generate the best leads and ROI. However, as data is often siloed across multiple marketing channels, it’s difficult for many suppliers to determine which programs are working, need attention or should be discontinued. With the right analytics, you can easily monitor the effectiveness of your marketing programs, analyze results of specific campaigns and promotions, and tweak future programs to boost results.

Make it a Team Effort

Optimizing marketing campaigns requires dedication from both the supplier and channel partners along with direct visibility into pipeline data. An integrated analytics platform that combines supplier-side campaign information with results from participating partners can help everyone see if appropriate leads are getting into the pipeline and effectively measure ROI.

Take the time to measure and review metrics that matter by:

Using an Integrated Analytics Platform

Easily track the impact of the resources and materials you’ve provided, including whether marketing campaigns are being used, which are producing the best (and worst) results. Then focus efforts on the programs that provide superior ROI.

Getting a 360-Degree View

Industry analysts estimate that marketers spend an average of 25% of their marketing budget on digital marketing (sometimes as much as 50%), yet few have the tools to measure how well this tactic is performing. Get complete data visibility that illustrates partner engagement and whether funds are being used effectively with integrated analytics.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators

KPIs, including partner adoption, lead generation goals and campaign effectiveness, provide a great way to measure growth and performance. Be sure to keep track of KPIs and, when warranted, drill down into the details for a deeper understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

Leveraging Integrated Reporting Tools

Invest the time and resources to integrate with reporting tools such as CRMs and marketing automations systems. For the best results, your solutions should integrate seamlessly with your partners’ CRM and sales processes.

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