This blog post is the fourth and final part in our series which aims to help suppliers transform lead distribution and empower channel partner success.

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Measuring results & tracking ROI are key to channel success

archer with line of sightAutomating lead distribution and providing deeper prospecting data that partners can use to nurture leads are essential to capturing more channel revenue. But success relies on more than getting leads to channel partners fast, and arming them with great prospecting data. Suppliers still need a clear line of sight into partner sales activities to measure results and track ROI.

To determine the most effective areas on which to spend time and money – and to close the loop between themselves and their partners, suppliers need to see:

  • Leads provided to channel partners
  • Which campaigns and activities actually generated leads
  • Lead status updates and conversion rates
  • Time and money spent generating and delivering leads to partners

This level of expanded detail along with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be available to suppliers at a glance, either via easy-to-generate reports or within suppliers’ established Marketing Automation (MA) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems. Critical data, such as partner name, lead status, a partner’s reasons for accepting or rejecting a lead should be at the supplier’s fingertips, within the systems they use most.

Automating updates and reporting saves time and delivers unmatched visibility suppliers can use to get a clear picture of what’s happening with leads. Activity across the lifecycle of a lead can be actively updated, monitored and shared between suppliers and their partners, enabling intelligent, collaborative conversations. And suppliers can stop playing the guessing game with their marketing dollars, and instead use analytics and quantitative feedback to adjust their marketing efforts for the highest returns.

Learn more about the powerful role visibility and analytics can and should play within lead distribution management in Zift’s latest eBook: The 4 Simple Steps to Drive Channel Sales with Rules-Based Lead Distribution.