Trust is one of the most important facets of any working business relationship. This is particularly true for vendors and partners in the channel space. Since one cannot thrive without the other, delivering what the other requires is necessary not only for success, but also to inspire trust.

Vendors like Skillsoft, an elearning company that works with a variety of businesses to meet their training needs, understand how important this is. A partner that knows their vendor is using the best business practices available is a happy and likely productive partner. Being certain that both ends of the bargain are met can lead to big results. Treating partners as a part of the vendor’s overall team working for and with each other is the ultimate goal for any vendor-partner relationship. Keeping people – and partners – first in the decision process makes for people-focused solutions.

Skillsoft’s Gwenn Lazar details how trust can help the vendors and their partners nurture a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship. She also shares the three tenets that make up her personal philosophy on partner enablement.

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