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[Infographic] Social Media – The Root of Modern Marketing

[Infographic] Social Media – The Root of Modern Marketing

Tap into your channel partners network using social media

Think social media doesn’t apply to channel marketing? Wondering how to justify spending time and energy on developing a social media strategy? Get the latest stats on how social media – when extended through your channel partners – can help you broaden your reach and drive interaction with a previously untapped audience.

Social Media | The Root of Modern Marketing
Just one month after implementing Zift's technology,Q we tripled the frequency of our tweets, doubled our follower interactions and nearly eliminated all time spent producing Twitter content. - Stelios Xeroudakis, Cloud Carib (VMware Enterprise Partner)

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Alex has a successful background in developing inbound marketing programs and social media presence for both B2C and B2B companies. He is responsible for strategy and implementation of channel partner online advertising campaigns – as well as social media and content for Zift.
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