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Channel Marketing Automation

Channel Marketing Automation

Channel organizations around the world increase revenues from their indirect sales force with Zift Solutions’ innovative approach to channel marketing automation.

Zift makes it easy to provide turnkey campaigns to channel partners, such as VARs, integrators, and independent agents. Channel marketers maintain global brand consistency and deliver timely, accurate product messaging. At the same time, channel partners can customize marketing campaigns to reflect their own brands and knowledge of their specific markets.

With Zift, individuals running channel programs can target their best prospects using websites, online advertising, Pay-per-click, newsletters, webinars/events, email, telemarketing, and more — all coordinated and managed to increase brand awareness, accelerate demand generation and drive channel sales. Plus, you get the analytics needed to allocate resources, build cost effective programs, drive adoption and fine-tune marketing campaigns.

Zift’s channel marketing automation solution puts into place a complete system that allows you to take the marketing materials you’ve created and automatically transform them for use throughout your channel network. You reach prospects and customers with the most effective campaigns possible, continuously updated with the latest product and service information and fine-tuned to maximize results.

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