What types of content do I need for my channel?

The two categories of content needed are generally referred to as “to-channel” and “thru-channel.”

The first, “to-channel,” is designed to attract and compel qualified partners to join your program and also market to your current ecosystem of partners. This content should be engaging and the nuance versus customer marketing is to remember to continually promote the value of the partnership and why the partner is working with you as well as information that will help them have value-adding discussions with their clients. This later focus should complement your partner enablement strategy.

The second, “thru-channel,” is designed for your channel partners to use in promoting your products in the context of their services to their customers and prospective customers.  Thru-partner is most effective, and motivating to the partner, when it is customizable to present and promote their customer value proposition in concert with yours. Turtl’s own research found that being able to personalize content increased engagement by as much as 50%. It should be easy to find and also to share.

Sponsored by our partners at Turtl. Written by Nick Thomas, VP of Partnerships.