What are the benefits of having a documented marketing strategy?

“By having a documented marketing strategy in place, your business is 313% more likely to achieve your business goals.” Source: coschedule.com

Having a documented marketing strategy not only makes you more successful, but it will also help your team stay on the same page, set goals, and build out marketing projects to improve your chance of being more successful.

Most marketing departments operate with ‘to do lists’ and while this is a start, it lacks the necessary strategy components aligned to business goals and the overall understanding of the business dynamics that influence success.

A ‘to do list’ also does not draw from market intelligence, past insights from marketing tactics and industry best-practice.

When a company has a documented marketing strategy, they have a blueprint to what needs to be done from a marketing perspective to address marketing objectives and achieve business goals.

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Sponsored by our partners at Robotic Marketer. Written by Mellissah Smith, Managing Director.