What is "Partner ABM" and how do I know it’s right for us?

According to Forbes, account-based marketing (ABM) “focuses on a few large and important accounts that hold the greatest promise of adding to your bottom line”. ABM is built on the same foundations as the channel itself – more often than not, partners can sell vendor solutions more successfully to more customers than the vendor themselves. They bring added value with bolt-on services, managed or otherwise, expertise in building and delivering systems as well as strong relationships with their customers. These are all powerful reasons why ABM can work when a vendor and partner approach it together as a true partnership.

That said, ABM isn’t for everyone. It’s a serious, long-term commitment that takes time and effort on both sides – often with external help – to get set up. There’s work to do in identifying target accounts, building insight, working out the delivery process for content, campaigns, and much more. It can also get pretty expensive. But, it’s in your mutual interest to shorten sales cycles, increase deal sizes, drive activation and adoption whilst winning clients that will become long-term advocates, so it could be worth taking a leap of faith.

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