How do I evaluate a concierge service?

Hiring a concierge service is not a trivial decision. They will become a core capability, plugged directly into your channel revenue. The following aspects should be vetted ahead of time and monitored throughout the engagement.

  • Partner engagement. Capturing the attention of the partners and keeping their level of engagement high.
  • Partner satisfaction. Survey your partners to see how satisfied they are with the agency concierge you put forward.
  • Channel marketing manager satisfaction. Review how well the concierge team works with your channel marketing managers supporting their objectives.
  • Strong channel revenue track record. The concierge agency should have hard data to support both their past and current success in campaigns performance and driving channel revenue
  • Technical knowledge. How well does the concierge service understand the core ZiftONE platform that you use to conduct channel marketing? Are they certified or recommended by the platform itself?

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