How can I make sure my partner enablement brings a strong ROI?

Investing in partner enablement is necessary in order to ensure your channel understands your solutions, and how to sell them in the market. However, not all enablement is created equal, and companies can waste tens of thousands of dollars on poorly-designed or executed enablement programs. When selecting a vendor or trainer, ask for case studies or examples of how the training showed results. This is especially true if you are using your Market Development Funds (MDF) to pay for the partner enablement, which is a great idea, by the way. For example, does the enablement not only build new skills and capabilities but also directly impact your funnel? Do your partner sales reps leave the training with fresh opportunities or connections that they know how to convert? If the vendor provides some type of ROI calculator that’s another great way to ensure your partner enablement investment will directly impact your revenue.

Sponsored by our partners at BlitzMasters, written by Andrea Sittig-Rolf (Chief BlitzMaster & CEO)