How can I help channel partners grow my business?

Vendors can help their partners grow their business with ZiftONE in different ways. Some partners may have Marketing teams, while others might not. No worries – there’s a solution for either case.

As a vendor, here’s a quick checklist for what you can do to enable your partners:

  • Onboard partners to PRMs like ZiftONE the right way
  • Enable your partners to be self-sufficient
  • Ensure content is available for partners to use
  • Deal registration must be flawless
  • Run campaigns for a select group of partners

At Macro, we work closely with ZiftONE customers and their partners to make sure they draw the most value from the platform and to ensure the relationship is growing business successfully. Find out what would work best for your particular channel.

Sponsored by our partners at MACRO. Written by Dan Radu, President and CEO.