How do I know my partners are using their marketing funds to accelerate revenue growth?

The MDF allocation process is often the easiest part of the through-partner marketing equation. How are partners using the marketing funds you give them?

Most partners will point you to activity metrics such as impressions, clicks, or number of leads to evaluate their performance. By then it is too late to influence them; the activity has already happened.

The best way to ensure marketing funds are being spent on accelerating revenue growth is first to match the right partners to the right activities. This delivers activities to partners that they value and understand. Then, provide them with easy access to support and packaged campaigns with clear deliverables that remove the guesswork from delivering activity.

Making this your process allows you to understand the marketing capabilities of each partner, to match them to the support they require, to guide them to the right campaign activities for them, and to make it easy to measure the results.

Working this way gives you clarity before the activity happens that it is linked to accelerating revenue growth.

Sponsored by our partners at bChannels, written by Bastien Goubeaux (Program Manager – Client Services)