Should I give my channel partners MDF?

Market Development Funds or MDF is a great way to pay for activities related to your channel. So the short answer is yes. However, a lot of MDF funds are wasted without obtaining a clear return on investment (ROI). Whatever you do with MDF, the activity or program needs to be managed and measured. What most channel marketers have found works best is funding proven programs that have already been shown to bring measurable returns to the MDF investment. Your MDF spend should not only be measurable and show a good return, but it should be directly tied to the business. While sporting events and wining and dining might be enjoyable for all, these types of activities are hard if not impossible to measure. Look for programs around partner enablement, sales training, market research or analyst whitepapers, or specific demand generation initiatives. Also, allow your more experienced partner organizations to propose their own ideas. You might find something you can then re-use with other partners.

Sponsored by our partners at BlitzMasters, written by Andrea Sittig-Rolf (Chief BlitzMaster & CEO)