To-partner communications is key to building partner engagement and to making sure that your partners are speaking to correct, up-to-date information. It can often be a challenge.

Have you struggled with keeping your partners up-to-date on what’s going on with your products: what’s available, what’s new, and what’s had a pricing change or has an instant rebate? Have you ever wanted to have a blog on your partner portal to inform your partners about your events or what’s going on with your company?

Introducing ZiftONE Portal Posts, a new feature to help you add more dynamic content, like blog posts, latest news, product articles, and announcements to your partner portal. With Postal Posts, you can easily build a searchable collection of related news articles or stories, keeping your partners engaged by giving them easy access to key information.

Portal Posts are another way Zift is making it easier to add content to your Partner Portal. You simply create a new post and set its active dates. The widgets and feature page takes care of publishing content to the portal. You also have four different styles to choose from when displaying posts, so you can tailor your look and feel. With post content tags, you can create collections of posts on different topics and display them on different pages. Best of all, you can set an end date for each post and use filters, so that your partners only see what’s relevant to them right now.

Make it easier for your partners to know what’s going on at your company. Start using Portal Posts today. If you’re a Zift customer, ask your Customer Success Manager about Portal Posts or try it out today. Not a customer and want to see ZiftONE in action? Start a conversation with us.